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Feb. 4th, 2017 04:34 pm
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Hey there, murdergamers!

This is our first time modding a murder game, so we would like to present you with a post that allows you to formally contact us as mods if you have have any questions, comments, concerns or any sort of feedback that can help us improve game play. All comments are screened.

Alternatively, you can contact us at our mod plurk, [plurk.com profile] raisingproject, or our individual plurks:

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Voting - Week Five
Since we have the rare confession on day one, it's time to vote now on your phones. Votes will close once it's 10 PM PST / 1 AM EST or whenever every living character votes; whichever comes first. Characters will not be penalized this week for not voting under these circumstances. Late votes will not be counted. Edits to your vote are permissible. ICly, votes are on the character's phones -- for easy access, voting will consist of images of the characters along with their names.

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Voting - Week Three
    All votes are due at 8 PM PST / 11 PM EST. Late votes will not be counted. Edits to your vote are permissible. ICly, votes are on the character's phones -- for easy access, voting will consist of images of the characters along with their names.


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Voting - Week Two
    All votes are due at 8 PM PST / 11 PM EST. Late votes will not be counted. Edits to your vote are permissible. ICly, votes are on the character's phones -- for easy access, voting will consist of images of the characters along with their names.


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Voting - Week One
    All votes are due at 8 PM PST / 11 PM EST. Late votes will not be counted. Edits to your vote are permissible. ICly, votes are on the character's phones -- for easy access, voting will consist of images of the characters along with their names.


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In order to give you guys a little reward for being active, we have a bonus AC! For every ten comments you submit, you will get the opportunity to choose between the following two options:

  • 25 candies As of week three, 50 candies
  • A random item (potentially a character regain!)

If you choose the latter, we will RNG between both your character's regains, the character you threaded with's regains, and a bunch of random items that may or may not be useless. Please make sure when submitting your thread to list how many comments - as a thread with 20 comments is eligible for two prizes instead of one - as well as the character you're threading with and make sure you post your comment under the correct week header.

As a note for how bonus AC works: characters will wake up the following day after bonus AC submission with coins that depict Fav. If they ask Fav what it's for, he will explain that people can get items and abilities with them at the gachapon store.

Rules for bonus AC:
  • Private conversations are not applicable for bonus AC. They can, however, be used for regular AC.
  • Mingle threads, magical phone threads, trial and investigation threads are applicable.
  • Top levels are included in your count total.
  • Do not submit repeat threads. You are allowed, however, to submit subthreads from your top level.
  • If your thread has been threadjacked by other characters, please list out all other characters.
  • Please specify if you would prefer 50 candy OR items -- otherwise, I will default to items.
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Since this is a murder game, private conversations are going to be an easy way to share secrets, cultivate CR outside of the public eye or even build alliances! Any and all private conversations can happen at any location in the game and can happen at any time, with the exception of investigation or trial days. When you're making a private conversation, please filter it to those whom you're conversing with as well as [personal profile] raisingproject in the filter and reply to the appropriate week toplevel.

If you're confused as to how to make a private conversation, there's a good guide here.

All comments are screened and will be unscreened upon game completion!
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"Did you need something, pon? Feel free to talk to me or ask me anything you'd like, pon!"

This is a contact post for Fav. Please list the week and day you wish to contact him. All comments are screened for privacy.


Jan. 4th, 2017 02:18 pm
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How To
Need a way to earn more candy without having to kill someone immediately? Well, that's what this is for! There are two different types of tasks: repeatable tasks and non-repeatables. Repeatable tasks can be done once every two weeks, for 100 candies each. Non-repeatable tasks can be done once per character, with a limit of 2 tasks per character.

Non-repeatable tasks will be updated on a weekly basis.

If you're ready to take on a task, leave a comment under the appropriate week toplevel with the following:

☆ Dealing with Fav!
Please try to make friends with Fav by talking to him. Don't worry, he won't bite..
100 candies

☆ Helping the Elderly
Sometimes, it's a bit of trouble trying to help those who have gotten old cross the street or go up the stairs. It's up to you to help them out!
100 candies

☆ Animal Rescue
Sometimes, there are cats stuck on trees, dogs in a middle of a house burning down. Please help these animals out!
100 candies

☆ Clean up, clean up
Whether it's the trash out there or the apartment buildings and hotel, there's a lot of mess to get rid of. Make sure you put them all in the proper bins, however, or else you might not even get the candy for this one!
100 candies

☆ Let them grow
There has to be some place where I can plant some flowers and trees... can you help me out here?
100 candies

☆ Starving for food
Sometimes there are people around who just don't have food. Can you make something for them to eat?
100 candies

☆ Corpse Hunting Fetch Quest
Bones can be found in a lot of the apartment buildings, or at least that's what the rumors say. I need these bones in order to concoct something important in my cauldron so I'd highly appreciate the help!
100 candies

Could you please bring some pie for Fav to judge? I know that the ingredients should be out there, so all you have to do is find a way to bake it... Hm, maybe try the apartment buildings? They have some working ovens in there. In any case, if you make a good pie for him, I'll give you some candy. If he hates it, however, I'll deduct the same one hundred candy that you would have earned. It's not nice to make Fav sick, after all. :(
100 candies

☆ Koi Fishing
Sometimes, you'll find various types of fish in the river, but I'd like for you to catch me some koi fish. Ah, but there aren't any poles, so you'll have to use your hands...
400 candies

☆ Bring Me to the Movies!
I'm in love with watching bad movies. Can you find me the perfect one and watch it with me, all the way through? And make sure not to fall asleep, or else you won't get your candy.
250 candy

☆ Gamer's Choice
There sure are a whole lot of games here! But I bet you can't beat me, the Top Gamer of Town A!! I'm unstoppable...! But I don't have any friends to play with, so I challenge you to a battle. Any game, at the arcade.
300 candies

☆ The 7 Mysteries of Town A Middle School
Don't you know the rumors of the seven wonders? Well, this school has it too, you know! But can you find them, is the question?
100 candy per mystery found

☆ I'm Your Biggest Fan!
Magical boys and girls: I'm a huge fan of all of you! I've collected all of your merch and collectables and I want to see the real deal. Oh, but don't fool me if you're a fake. I'll be testing you to see if you're the Real Deal.
200 candies

☆ Senpai, Notice Me!
I'm only in middle school and a lot of you guys are older than me so... can you please notice me? Just give me some compliments when you see me... Ah, but don't lie about them. Otherwise you won't get the candy.
300 candies

☆ I Wanna Be The Very Best
...like no one ever was, but that's not the point. The point is that if I'm gonna strive, pick up the drive and be a master, I gotta win at all of these competitions! So I challenge you to a battle! A race around the track!
250 candies

☆ Ticket Hoard
I'm sooooo bad at these games. But I need tickets, quick! I'll give you candy for it!
350 candies

☆ Cards Against Humanity
You know the rules. Let's play.
666 candies

☆ Food Eating Contest
I was last year's champ. Can you beat me?
350 candies


Dec. 30th, 2016 11:14 pm
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“ Welcome to the shop, kupo. How may we help you?
Here are this week's wares! And don't forget to check out the shop information!

In Stock
Blade the Pidgey
Invisibility Cloak
Bomb Bag
Class Cards

About our items!

Blade the Pidgey
Don't you guys have enough Pokemon by now? Oh well, one more can't hurt.

You might've seen these a few weeks ago! Now they can be yours, and you don't even have to fight anyone to the death. Isn't that nice?

Invisibility Cloak
It might seem like an ordinary red cloak, but it really works. Hide from your enemies or launch a surprise attack, you can do anything with this!

Bomb Bag
Just the bag. Bombs sold seperately.

Class Cards
In another world, you can use these to summon the powers of Heroic Spirits. Here, they just make for a nice collector's item!

“ Welcome to the shop, pon. How may we help you?
Here's all you need to know to buy items. Don't forget to check out our shop!

About the shop!

Yearning to spend those candies of yours somewhere? Then look no further than the item store, where all your dreams and wishes come true: for a price. Every week, the item store stocks five items at random which can possibly include your character's regains. But there's a catch: all items available are at a first come, first serve basis. There is also one copy of that item, so make sure you get them fast! Each week, three VIP members - with the exception of week 0 - will be announced by Fav at the beginning of the week, and those three members will get a head start in buying items before it's open to the general public, or they can opt out. If you need more candy to buy an item on stock, make sure to your weekly tasks, work on trials, and submit your bonus AC!

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Welcome to Town A!

    Town A is the mysterious, rundown city or town in what seems to be a post apocalyptic world. The temperature in this place tends to be generally warm, but not dry and seems to be almost similar to typical spring weather in Japan. In the evenings, it tends to get a little chilly and a bit windy, but the winds are not heavy that it could cause problems. While a lot of the general buildings seem to be worn down, there are some places that are in rather good shape.

    If someone attempts to reach the borders of the town, they will notice that there is an invisible barrier that keeps everyone inside. The barrier itself is weakening, but unbreakable. Anything that is used on it will bounce back. As of week six, the barrier is gone. Outside of the barrier in the borders of the town is pitch black darkness; the exception being north of Area 2, which is instead blocked out by impurity.

    As of the final week, the impurity seems to be completely gone.

    The sun rises and the sun sets at 6 AM and 6 PM respectively.

    As of week two, characters will notice that there's black bugs and dark mist in certain areas. In the entirety of the area, it only covers about 25%, but it can be found. It is suggested that characters do not touch these, as it can potentially kill them. The areas where it is most prominent right now are the following: the southern apartments, river, dollhouse, outside the police station and the karaoke place.

    Please let us know if you plan on doing so for consequences!

    Here is our current basic map for placement.


Sakura Inn is a rather old fashioned, Japanese style inn that is placed right in the smack dab middle of the city, standing out amongst the rest of the broken down buildings. Kept in pristine shape, there doesn't seem to be any wear or tear on the building itself, along with the inside. Upon entering, characters will find nobody working at the front desk, the only people they can find being those who are also magical beings. There are two hallways past the front desk; to the left, they will find the elevator and staircase which leads to the rooms. There is also a staircase that leads down as well, but is locked with a gate full of chains that disallow access. At the hallway to the right, characters will find the entrance to the bath house, not divided by gender, so mixed bathing opportunities will and can arise. While there is a sign that gives times for the men and women - alternating every two hours - it is noted that this is not a mandatory rule to be followed, and characters may optionally choose to use the bathrooms in their own rooms for their own perusal.

Rooms at the Sakura Inn are rather lavish and old fashioned; they include a wide screen television, a bathroom with both a separate tub and shower, two beds, and a wonderful view (if you like apocalyptic cities). There is also a phone on the dresser next to the beds which characters can peruse for room service if necessary, which the inn provides as soon as possible, whether it's a request for food, cleaning, or hygiene supplies. Television services include basic channels and a lot of magical girl anime on repeat.

There is also a third floor, but all of the rooms on that floor are locked.

Throughout the town you will find various Apartment Buildings, most of them worn and torn. Inside, characters will generally find that they mostly look like as if someone or something had a fight in them. Many of the walls are clawed out and many of the beds are torn in half, as if something with immense weight stood on top of it. While there are some that are somewhat intact, surprising, given how much damage the town seems to have taken overall, they are only a few that seem to have survived overall. In the apartment basements, you can find a small laundromat with four washers and four dryers. On top of washers, you can find all of the cleaning materials that you need to wash your clothes, even if it's unnecessary due to room service.

There are two, single complex apartment buildings with three floors containing ten rooms each, similar to the hotel. All apartment rooms are labeled 1 - 30 in each building.

In regards of the room layout it is as such: two bath, three bedroom (one master, two standard), a living room, kitchen, and dining area.

As of the week zero task to search for bones, there are skeletons in every closet of the building unless characters get rid of them.

The closest building to the Sakura Inn, characters will find is the Corner Store which stocks food and drink, primarily junk food. Of course, the food here only automatically restocks once a week, so make sure you grab and go!

Right across some of the apartment buildings, people will find the Gachapon Store, which is filled to the brim with random objects. But the question is, how are you supposed to get the coins for these objects? Only time will tell!

And at this inconspicuous hobby shop across the street from the Corner Store is the all too important Item Shop, where characters will be making their purchases or picking up their purchases - as items can be bought through a character's magical phone. It's first come, first serve, so make sure you get your stuff early, lest it gets stolen.

Near the edge of the town, you will find an Auto Shop - surprisingly, it only contains the various tools necessary to fix a car (wrenches, hammers, screwdrivers, torches, etc) but there is not a single car inside of the shop itself, making it seem almost hollow and empty. There are times, however, when you can hear the whirring of a car's engine, even if there doesn't seem to be one around. How strange!

There are also tire tracks that can be found right outside of the auto shop as well.

After the deaths of Dia Kurosawa and Beyond Birthday, a new area opens up, north of the current area. A map of this part of the town can be found here.

Staring in this area, you will find an eerily clear River that covers a good portion of the town. You might hear some of the task givers say that the river itself is sacred and that one mustn't dirty it, lest they get cursed.

To the north-west corner of this part of town, there's a Middle School that seems to be rather well maintained. There are three floors with 10 classrooms per floor. On the first floor, there is also a gym along with the administrative office. The gym contains all the supplies one might need to play any type of sport you can possibly think of and the office is practically bare bones.

You might also find some of the supplies from the students here, if you look closely enough...

South of the school, there is a Park where people come to relax on benches and even play around. It is here where most of the flowers seem to bloom, regardless of how the town itself seems to be in disarray. There are swings, see-saws, and even slides for young kids - and even adult sized ones - to utilize.

As of Wednesday, Week 2 -- near one of the benches, there is a fallen tree along with a slightly cracked floor.

Across the bridge to the east the first thing you'll find is the Arcade, which holds both games that belong in an arcade, along with actual console games, both portable and otherwise and even things on a computer. Most notably, if you're from a video game, you will definitely find that there's a game depicting your whole life story here. Also, strangely enough, whenever NPCs show up, they seem to be crowding around a particular game... how strange.

A map of the arcade's interior can be found here. All the men/women symbols indicate bathroom locations.

And directly behind the arcade, you may find a Theater. The theater seems to play only B rated movies, such as The Room and the Dead or Alive movie. Sometimes you can see a preview video as one of the commercials for the movies. Huh.

After the deaths of Eliza Owens and One, a new area opens up, east of the second area that opened up. A map of this area can be found here.

The first thing you see when you enter this area of town is the Karaoke shop. This is your first stop. The outside has a gaudy neon rainbow sign above the door.

Inside is a battered front desk, where a series of room keys hang from little hooks. Take one to gain access to one of the rooms in the back. Each room has a book of songs, a tv, and the equipment necessary to sing with some friends in the privacy of the sound proof rooms.

North from the bridge is the Hospital. The lobby and empty patient rooms are as generic as one can get. Slightly off-white walls, blue sheets, and slightly battered windows and doors. You'll find bandages and medicine in the med room. And you might have better luck finding something out at the nursing station.

If you listen just right you can hear monitors steadily beeping and the rattle of hospital gurneys. The second floor down below is a morgue. Cold and clinical, what is to be found here should be obvious.

In the south east corner of this area of town is the police station. From the moment you enter you feel like you're being watched. If you're guilty of a crime that feeling is redoubled.

There's nothing to speak of really until you draw your eyes to the row of missing children posters. Some of them might even be familiar...

Or you could start being nosy with the desks or the chief's office. It's a police station. There's bound to be something. Other than these details it's what you can expect from a small town precinct.

South of the bridge is a quaint looking house, when you enter, rows of life-sized dolls in frilly dresses await you. Some of them will be dolls of people you know. You might even recognize them from tasks you participated in.

Welcome to the Dollhouse. Dainty teacups, plastic fake food, and drink is laid out. The carpets in each room is pink. The rooms all have light switches and the main one is near the door. But what's in the back of the house?

East of the hospital is a small path leading up to a Japanese styled restaurant. The menus are in the compartment on the side of the host/hostess podium. They contain a variety of dishes. Warm, earth colored booths are a great place to sit and have a shared dinner together.

You place your order by marking what you want with the pen provided with the menu and turning it in to the bar. The food will be waiting at your table.

After the Easter Weekend, a new area opens up, east of the initial area that everyone arrived in. A map is here for your reference.

In the north east portion of this map lies the tall, foreboding Steel Tower. There's no way inside, but you can stand on a panel in the upper area for a pretty choice view of your surroundings.

What's that dripping sound? It's the first thing you'll notice when you enter the Elementary school in the north portion of this map. It's a four floored building that's a little battered and if that dripping sound doesn't drive you nuts. The newspaper clippings might get you there.

Despite the strangeness it still feels like your typical school. The desks are all lined up, the windows are wide but sometimes they feel like staring eyes in the dead of the night. You might even hear a few whispers as you wander the halls. But if you need to take a dip, there's a full sized pool inside on the fourth floor. Small favors, right?

Situated in the south west is a TV Station, easy to get to. Potentially, not that easy to swallow. Once you're inside you'll notice the scenes on the monitors. That's right, you've been watched this entire time. Not just you, your worlds from space dominate some of the monitors.

Search this place, see if the answers lie here. Or if you'll just be left with more questions than before.

West of the bridge is the Dojo. Inside are well-polished wood floors and wooden swords, bows, and arrows. It's a place to practice or learn some combat skills. After all, got to keep your life unless you want someone else to take it.

In the far south east corner of this map, lies the Clothing Store. One thing is immediately obvious. All the clothes in this shop are yours and everyone else's here. Which begs to question what all the other clothes are about. Tunics, white shirts with ties, robes, regular t-shirts. Even some kind of black back jacket.

Take a look around. Maybe you'll fancy some of it.

After the deaths of Eruna Ichinomiya and Joshua Bright, a new section of the town opens, north-east of starting area. Here is a map of the area.

Sitting on the north west corner of this map is the Manga Cafe. The shelves are crammed full of manga, but none of it related to the players of this game. No fourth walling here. But one of the bookshelves looks a little uneven. If you investigate it, you might find something interesting.

Pointed towards the heavens in the north east portion of this map is the Observatory. There's not much inside, just the massive telescope. Peering through it you'll see planets but every now and then they glitch.

At last, in the center of the south portion of this part of town, is the Museum. Once you step inside it will become clear that a great deal of answers can be found here. Browse the segments and look at the exhibits, there is a lot of discover about Magical Girl Raising project.

All the way north, after the deaths of seven people, the impurity fades away to reveal the final area. A map of that area can be found here.

A shrine sits just outside the Gothic styled Church in the north west corner of the final section of town. A hush falls over the area when the doors are open, all sounds softer even voices. The inside isn't grand, a plain smooth stone floor, high backed pews, all face the altar at the front of the cathedral.

Right next to the Church is exactly what you would expect. A Japanese styled Graveyard awaits. As one enters a sense of exhaustion washes through them. It remains but doesn't increase no matter how long one stays to investigate the names written on the graves. Moss and lichen clings to the tombstones and markers. Cracks mar the stones. How long it has been since this graveyard was cleaned up?

Looming above all other buildings the newly revealed Crystal library catches the light and seems to glow, even at night. Whatever is inside, only venturing within will give you that answer.