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Raising Project Mods! ([personal profile] raisingproject) wrote2016-12-18 04:00 pm


1. Be respectful.
Otherwise known as treat others the way you want to be treated. Be polite to your fellow players, and remember: we are only roleplaying for fun! If you have any problems with a fellow member or moderator, feel free to contact us, and we'll try to sort it out for you.

2. IC =/= OOC.
You are not your character. Many of the players here may play characters who might be huge jerks, but that does not mean that their players are as well. Remember that in character actions have in character consequences, and the same goes with out of character actions. Also, remember that comments and remarks towards your character do not reflect on you, the player yourself.

3. Be active.
Please actually play your character. It takes two to tango, and it also takes two to actually roleplay! Being inactive especially in this game will possibly get your character deathrolled, so please be careful. If you have an emergency in regards to your activity, please do not hesitate to tell us, the mods.

4. No godmodding, metagaming, or powergaming.
You are only your character, and nobody else's. Please do not attempt to control other players' characters, or know information about their character without their permission. This also goes for out of character information. Do not assume that your characters know the information that either we, the mods, provide you, or that your fellow players provide without asking.

5. Keep both the main community and the logs community worksafe.
If you want to play something 18+ we would like to politely ask you to play it outside of the communities, for the sake of those who would prefer not seeing it.

6. Please do not plagiarize your applications.
This will result in an automatic ban. All applications will go through a plagiarism check by each of the moderators prior to acceptance.

7. Please make sure to warn for any sensitive content.
We know that this game will be dealing with murder and therefore, have rather gory content, but we will definitely warn beforehand if anything extreme comes up. We would like players to respect the boundaries of the others by warning for any extreme violence/gore, abuse, and suicide.

8. Secrecy is key!
If you're holding an important plot role, which includes moles, murder/victim, etcetera, please do not tell anybody about it, especially if it's a spoiler that might possibly ruin the surprises that's in store for the game.