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★ WEEK ZERO: ???


The sound of soft music which starts off soft, but slowly becomes louder over time. It's relaxing music, at least. But if that isn't enough to rouse you, then perhaps the sound of the voice that speaks up will.

"Wake up. If you do not, you will die. I do not wish for you to die." The voice is not discernible by any means; it is, however, a soothing voice that can be seen as both male and female, young and old.

Once awoken, you will find yourself in a lounge that is vastly different from the one they fell asleep in. And not only that, you will also find yourself completely and utterly alone. The voice seems to be coming from somewhere, but it's hard to figure out where. The room itself seems to be rather large, too. If you take a peek behind the couches, you will find a whiteboard and some markers. The table in front of the couch has food of their liking as well.

But more importantly, you may find that there are doors to other rooms in here - one on the far left and right - the one to the left provides a walk-in closet full of weapons galore, magical or otherwise while the one on the right provides protective gear. The rooms, however, don't seem to be humanly possible, as they seem to go on forever; they look like they are maintained by magic of some sort.

Nevertheless, the voice will eventually speak up once again, as if to remind you that it's not a hallucination or dream, speaking up in that calm voice:
    "Hello. I suppose you are wondering why you're here, after being taken away from your home and brought to Town A. Do not worry. You have not left. This is just an area that the others cannot access without a special key. Now then, I bet you have some questions. Go ahead and ask them, if you would like."

And now, the floor is yours, to do as you please. Although it might not be wise to simply ignore the voice.

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