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★ WEEK ONE: ???

Week 1 (Monday-Sunday)

Whenever you decide to show up, whether it's when you have the chance to be alone or late in the evenings, what you might notice on the table today seems to be a trinket of sorts - in fact, it seems to be a hand mirror. One that looks like this, in fact.

"Got you a present," the voice comments, almost nonchalant. "It doesn't do much, but if you say what you want to see, no matter who or what it is, the mirror will show you it at the present moment. Oh, and I guess you can ask me anything else, if you'd like."

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Monday evening

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[Joshua figures he should report what's up, that well, M was right...

Except... What is that? He does pick up the handmirror and inspects it.]

Is its only restriction to this place or can I see what's going on back where I'm from?
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So I would be able to see Estelle, then.

[There's a hint of a smile on his face. Anything to keep him sane since he got separated from her just as quickly as she found him, it seems.]

Though, I assume you want me to use it to keep an eye on others here. Especially now, as you've said, Fav has given us incentive to murder.

[There's a beat...]

Is there any way I could stop a murder from happening, you think--

[Then he remembers...]

--but then whoever is lowest in the rankings die, don't they?


We're screwed either way.
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What won't I like?

[His eyes narrow a bit as he focuses on the whiteboard. He doesn't know where the voice comes from, but it's better than just... looking up to the ceiling or something.]
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Are you talking about my home or here?
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[Joshua... just smiles before it fades into a sort of disbelief..]

And this... will tell me where she is?

[He says this through his teeth. And then looks at the mirror.]

Show me where she is...

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Tuesday late afternoon

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[Joshua's just coming in briefly, probably all bruised and scraped thanks to his adventures. He's just giving the white board an incredulous look. Apparently that's where he's chosen M exists.]

Was that you?
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Well, I guess it's nice to know you actually can talk to us if you wanted to. Though I'm guessing you just wanted to throw some shade my way. Listen, all I wanted to do was see if I could get out and you know very well the reason why.
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I know, but I just had to be sure. I can't let her suffer there.
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No. [Something's been eating at him since yesterday.]

Fav said he's doing his master's wishes and that he's just a messenger. So, I'm assuming that's a lie?

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Thursday Evening

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[Back here again. Good thing Joshua is the type to be a loner since he does seem to disappear here, but intel. He needs intel.]

Are you purposely trying to stir the pot? Then again, I'm starting to wonder if I'm part of that too, however, now given the circumstances, I can't exactly back out of this for numerous reasons.
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Even so, you're encouraging things, it feels like.


What's your real goal?
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And how can I trust that's the case?
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So you need to be prayed to so you can get power? This seems a pretty extreme way to do that, like you're someone throwing a temper tantrum that you're not center stage.

[While saying that Joshua just sits on the couch, grabbing the mirror. He doesn't have anything to look at right now, but the fact that his hand grips the handle, it's clear what he wants to ask, yet he knows the result is the same...

He places the mirror down and goes into the weapons room... he hasn't really carried anything on him, but he's starting to wonder how long it will be before everyone starts break down. He grabs some throwing knives and places them on his person so that they are concealed. Are there smoke bombs here, too? If so, Joshua could use those.

It's clear he's well versed in using some of these things...]

When do you predict this 'game' will officially start?

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