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★ WEEK FIVE: ???

Week 5 (Monday-Sunday)

At any given time, the one who seems to 'run the show' is here, sitting on a hair, drinking some tea as if she could honestly care less about the world. Except for the sheer fact that there's some sort of madness in her eyes, an anger when she slams the cup onto the table with knitted brows and something that screams that she would kill a man. Or woman. .... Or Fav, even.

"That bastard," she murmurs out of annoyance that seems almost uncannily out of character for her. She's generally polite and chooses her words carefully. She usually never curses. This is the rare occasion when she does. "He keeps pulling crap like this, one after the other. And just when I managed to shut him up for a week."

Well, we're off to a great start already.

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[Joshua feels driven into a corner himself. He has no doubt what Fav will attempt given his 'something precious' is here. This is something he can't chance.]

I guess I'm the culprit this week. There's no stopping it.

[He says this with a smile. A bittersweet one, but still one.]

I'll be honest. While I think I can get away with it, I'm pretty sure my conscience won't let me. We'll see how the trial goes.
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So you're really going to do it. Well, I suppose I'm not going to stop you.

[There are two people that are honest here, at least, although Zange's voice is cold.]
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I have nothing to live for and quite honestly? I don't even deserve to be alive. Estelle is my everything. Without her, I'm not even sure what I'd do and the threat of someone killing her who could possibly do so is something I don't want to see realized.

[He doesn't want for much, but this... this is something he has to do. She can't be put in harms way when he can stop it.]

Don't worry. I won't sell you out. That end of the promise I'll keep.
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[Zange can't help but frown at that statement, taking another sip of her tea before sighing.]

I don't agree with that. The whole... "I don't deserve to be alive", at least.

[But she supposes it's not her place to speak on a matter that she shouldn't barge into. If he wants to think that way, that's fine. She doesn't plan on intervening.]

We didn't exactly make a promise about that, did we? [It's hard to tell if she's joking or being indifferent.] I appreciate it nevertheless. And if you die, I suppose I'll see you in ghost hell.

[There's a bit of dripping sarcasm there, but she doesn't seem to be joking entirely. Not really.]
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[His mental health really sucks right now, sorry Zange.]

It's a long story. If anything, it's a miracle I've gotten the chance to live this long and have a normal life with a normal family.

[Joshua sits down on the couch. If anything, he's disturbingly calm.]

I promised never to kill again, but my hands are tied, I guess.
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You don't need to tell me. [She smiles, a knowing one. But she doesn't seem to be bothered.] Sorry about all this. The motive for this week was out of my hands. I suppose he likes to make things... interesting, since the end of the season is coming.
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Well, I'm not surprised he figured it out, either. Guess I wasn't careful enough, or he's bluffing. Either way, we need to get moving in this game instead of biding our time.
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Fav has always known. [No honorifics or anything. Not this time.] This room is kept away from Fav himself, but Fav always knows the identity of the traitor. After all, the choice wasn't mine, but his.

In any case, since it is getting down to the wire, I should reveal something.

[And with a motion of her hands, she reveals a book. It says Necromancy for Dummies.]

I finally found the proper spell to save everyone. Not that it will end this game. But it will revive everyone if the keys are found and surrounds the entirety of the town at every corner.
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Resurrection, huh? That's always a touchy subject.

[One he knows the church back in his world has an interesting take on it...]

Guess we can only hope it works. [Not that it changes what he was planning anyway.]
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If it doesn't... then I'll force this game to end.

[Not that she's specifying what those terms are.]

It will definitely work. Definitely.
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I guess we can only hope at this point. At least this isn't the first time someone's forced me to play my hand with my life on the line. Just this time I don't have as much of a chance to squeak by. I'd like to say I'm okay with that, and I am, just I know I'll put Estelle in a compromising position if I die. Can you promise me that you'll take care of her for me?
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Don't worry; I'll make sure she's unharmed.
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Thank you. That's all I can ask for.