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Raising Project Mods! ([personal profile] raisingproject) wrote2017-04-17 09:44 am
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★ WEEK FIVE: ???

Week 5 (Monday-Sunday)

At any given time, the one who seems to 'run the show' is here, sitting on a hair, drinking some tea as if she could honestly care less about the world. Except for the sheer fact that there's some sort of madness in her eyes, an anger when she slams the cup onto the table with knitted brows and something that screams that she would kill a man. Or woman. .... Or Fav, even.

"That bastard," she murmurs out of annoyance that seems almost uncannily out of character for her. She's generally polite and chooses her words carefully. She usually never curses. This is the rare occasion when she does. "He keeps pulling crap like this, one after the other. And just when I managed to shut him up for a week."

Well, we're off to a great start already.

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