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1. Be respectful.
Otherwise known as treat others the way you want to be treated. Be polite to your fellow players, and remember: we are only roleplaying for fun! If you have any problems with a fellow member or moderator, feel free to contact us, and we'll try to sort it out for you.

2. IC =/= OOC.
You are not your character. Many of the players here may play characters who might be huge jerks, but that does not mean that their players are as well. Remember that in character actions have in character consequences, and the same goes with out of character actions. Also, remember that comments and remarks towards your character do not reflect on you, the player yourself.

3. Be active.
Please actually play your character. It takes two to tango, and it also takes two to actually roleplay! Being inactive especially in this game will possibly get your character deathrolled, so please be careful. If you have an emergency in regards to your activity, please do not hesitate to tell us, the mods.

4. No godmodding, metagaming, or powergaming.
You are only your character, and nobody else's. Please do not attempt to control other players' characters, or know information about their character without their permission. This also goes for out of character information. Do not assume that your characters know the information that either we, the mods, provide you, or that your fellow players provide without asking.

5. Keep both the main community and the logs community worksafe.
If you want to play something 18+ we would like to politely ask you to play it outside of the communities, for the sake of those who would prefer not seeing it.

6. Please do not plagiarize your applications.
This will result in an automatic ban. All applications will go through a plagiarism check by each of the moderators prior to acceptance.

7. Please make sure to warn for any sensitive content.
We know that this game will be dealing with murder and therefore, have rather gory content, but we will definitely warn beforehand if anything extreme comes up. We would like players to respect the boundaries of the others by warning for any extreme violence/gore, abuse, and suicide.

8. Secrecy is key!
If you're holding an important plot role, which includes moles, murder/victim, etcetera, please do not tell anybody about it, especially if it's a spoiler that might possibly ruin the surprises that's in store for the game.
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applications are currently closed.

Applications will open and close at midnight EST on the specified dates!

To apply, please read and fill out the following in the comments. Please do not link your application in your journals, for the sake of privacy. All comments are screened.

» player information

PLAYER: Self explanatory.
TIMEZONE: For contacting purposes, so that we know when is the best time to reach you at any given time. For our purposes we would highly suggest you add in the UTC +/- along with your regular timezone.
CONTACT: Plurk is preferred, but feel free to list your Discord, AIM, or any other contact information here.

» character information

NAME: Character’s name, nickname, or whatever alias they go by.
CANON: List the character’s canon here. If the character is an original character, please list it as “original canon”, along with the canon’s name, if applicable. If you're taking the character from another roleplay, please list that game along with their original canon.
CANON POINT: Please list what timepoint you are pulling your character from. It is highly suggested that you be as specific as possible. Writing that you are taking characters after a certain episode, chapter, novel, etc., is also fine.

HISTORY: For canon characters, you are free to link to a website outside of Dreamwidth (Wikipedia or TV Tropes are completely fine) as long as the history is sufficient. If not, please type at least four paragraphs of the history section. Bullet points are also fine as long as they describe sufficiently the history of the character that you are applying for. If you decide to use bullet points, we suggest at least 15 concise ones minimum.

For original characters, we expect at least five to six paragraphs minimum for the history section. Please explain the world they came from as well as the character’s history. What we are looking for in this section for original characters is both originality and depth.
PERSONALITY: For this section, we would like for you to be brief, but concise, as this is one of the most important sections in the application. We would like this section to be around 500-1000 words maximum if you're playing a canon character, and 1500 words maximum if you're playing an original character. As stated in our answer in the FAQ, it is perfectly fine if you go under (as it is a maximum, not a minimum) or a little over; we will not reject you based off of that. Rather, what are we looking for are how your character grows over time, how they act towards other people, along with strengths and weaknesses. Basically, things that you feel about their personality that might be important for us to know about them in a murdergame setting.

ABILITIES: Whatever abilities your character may have in canon, magical or otherwise. Please list them and explain what each ability does in full detail. Remember that characters will not have their abilities at the beginning of the game!
REGAINS: Please list up to ten possible physical regains - outside of any abilities - that you would like to regain.

» magical being information
Note: This section is completely optional, and you're free to skip it entirely if you wish.

MAGICAL NAME: Feel free to come up with something as silly or as clever as you'd like! If you want them to stick with their original name, just put "N/A". If you want us to choose the name, just put "RNG".
MAGICAL FORM: This will be the form they transform into. It does not have to be elaborate and can be as simple or as creative as you want. You can have males turn into magical girls and vice versa. Or you can have them stick to your gender too, if you wish. For those who come from magical boy/girl canons, feel free to also link images if you wish to use those instead of giving them a new form.

» plot information

Would you like to be the traitor? Y/N, please list why your character would be good as the traitor. If you would like to be the traitor and your character wouldn't be good as it, feel free to list why you would want them to be the traitor and what possible ways they can be blackmailed into being one.
Would you like your character to be killed first? Y/N. Saying yes will increase your chances of getting rolled on week one.

» sample

You may choose between one of the following: one linked thread with at least ten comments by you, a 200 words first person or a 500 word third person sample.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Magical Girl Raising Project?
    Magical Girl Raising Project is a murder game based off of the anime and light novels of the same name where characters become magical girls (or, perhaps, magical boys) and kill each other in order to survive. In game, the name "Magical Girl Raising Project" is given to the mobile game that characters are given with the one out of ten thousand chance of becoming a magical being, and you, my dear player reading this will be one of those few chosen to become one.

    In any case, no former knowledge of the canon is necessary in order to play!

Where exactly are my characters?
    After becoming a magical being, all characters are brought in by the Magical Girl Raising Project mascot, Fav to Town A, an abandoned city that is currently in disarray. All characters will awaken in their assigned room in the Sakura Hotel and then will be given an announcement through their Magical Phones and the chat room. They will be told that the goal for them is to gather magical candies in order to save this town by fulfilling tasks and doing good deeds!

But wait, what about the murder?
    Once the first week is done, Fav will announce that the amount of magical beings in this town must be cut in half. He will explicitly explain that the person with the least amount of candies at the end of the week will become dropped out. Of course, eventually they'll find out that "dropping out" means dying.

How many and what characters are applicable here?
    Both canon and original characters will be applicable, with the exception of characters from Magical Girl Raising Project. Canon AUs will also be applicable (i.e: Persona 3 male protagonist and Female Persona 3 female protagonist, Haruhi Suzumiya from the main Haruhi series and Kyon from The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan would both work.) and we will have a limit of three characters per canon and an upper limit of thirty characters total, with players being able to play two characters maximum. Of course, players who will be playing two characters will have one of them get a guaranteed death roll, so please be aware of that! Characters that have died in their canon are also applicable, just as long as they have a corpeal body.

Will doubles be allowed? What about characters with split personality?
    They will be accepted on a case by case basis, depending on how different the characters are. If you have a specific question regarding a character, feel free to contact either of the mods.

How will non-humans be dealt?
    Characters who are non-human are completely applicable and characters who are too large will only be sized down to a human scale inside of buildings, the hotel being the only exception. If characters have more than one form, they will be stuck in a single form until their other form is regained.

How will scheduling work?
    Scheduling will work on a 1:1 day ratio. Mondays are when incentives, which include motives, new items, magical candy bonuses, and tasks will be given. Murders and investigations will occur on Fridays and trials will follow on both Saturday and Sunday unless otherwise stated.

    Due to the game's start in March, we are expecting endgame to hit around May, give or take, depending on what actions you guys take.

    Murderers and victims will be deathrolled after trials end on Sunday and characters who will be placed on the suspect list will be messaged on Monday, to give them time to prepare any possible alibi.

So, you mentioned incentives. What exactly are these?
    So there will be several things on the list for incentives for the week at the beginning of each week. The first will be your usual motives that you normally see in every murdergame - some of them will be normal, like money, kidnapping, etc, and some might be a little strange, but the exact motives will be a mystery until the time comes!

    The second will be items. How items will work is that there will be five various items posted along with the magical candy amount - more on magical candies later - and these items can be from something useless to a character regain, which may include a character's powers. So potentially, your character might get the chance to steal another person's powers. On Monday (with the exception of the first week, where it will be a free-for-all), three players will be messaged for priority - basically, those three characters are allowed to choose to buy one item for the week before it opens up to everyone else. All items that are bought are considered sold out and can only be bought once. Of course, to add to the mystery, none of the characters will know what the other bought unless it comes into play, but all items will be described to each and every character, even if who obtains it is a secret.

    The third will be magical candy bonuses and tasks! Magical candy bonuses are given for characters who pass Activity Check each week - each character who does will get a bonus 20 candies. As for the tasks, there will be various tasks - both repeatable and non-repeatable ones - given a week that is open for any character to take. These will be the two main ways for characters to obtain magical candy besides the trials. Tasks can vary from something very minimal like getting a person to a place to something like destroying skeletons.

You mention that magical candies are going to be utilized for buying items. So how is this going to work?

    Initially, all characters will start off with 500 candies that they can use to buy items. Characters an earn candies by passing activity check, submitting bonus activity, tasks, and finding the correct culprit (or if you're the culprit, getting away with murder!)

    Besides getting murdered, the other way for a character to die is it their candy count hits zero at any point. Of course, a player will be warned if their count is close to zero and will hit zero. And in the case of stealing magical candies, characters will also be warned and will have one chance to opt out of the steal. This does not count towards your death opt out. If your character plans to steal candies, please inform the mods beforehand so we can notify and contact the other player.

    Candies can also be transfered to another player, just in case someone wanted to pool in candies to buy a really expensive item or out of the goodwill of their heart to make sure they're not on the bottom of the rankings.

What's activity check and bonus activity?
    Activity check is dealt every week and living characters must submit a total of two threads between two different characters with at least five comments from you or more. Bonus activity is when you submit a thread of ten comments or more from your character. For each comment you submit, you are eligible to choose from one of two things:

  • 25 candies
  • A random item (potentially a character regain)

  • While characters do not have to pass Activity Check, those who do not are more likely to be death rolled for next week.

Trials and Investigations. Tell me about those.
    Investigations will be held on Fridays and will be rather open for characters to go search for clues. While mods will not be pointing out where specifically those clues are, we will be telling you if there is anything that can be found in those areas. Once two or more characters find the dead body, Fav will make an announcement telling everyone who died.

    Trials will occur the following two days, both on Saturday and Sunday. For trials, five suspects will be revealed, with the murderer being amongst them. It is up to your characters to piece the evidence and alibis together in order to figure out a conclusion. Characters who are suspects will be given an area to write down their alibi and characters can discuss from there. Characters are also allowed to as Fav for any questions in regards to clarification, but Fav will not necessarily answer all questions.

    On Sunday at 9 PM EST, all votes must be submitted, whether it's an abstain or not. Then we move on to the executions!

    That's right, this game will have the executions you know and love from other murder games. Of course, even if characters choose the wrong person as the culprit, all characters will not be executed; instead, the person they voted for will be scapegoated and the true culprit, who will still remain a mystery - unless they wish to out themselves ICly - will get off scot free with all the candy rewards.

Will there be a network?
    Yes, actually! Since Magical Girl Raising Project has characters using their phones to communicate, this murder game will have an in character chat room, where characters, with avatars of their magical form. This will also be how characters communicate with Fav as well.

What about powers? Will those be kept, since everyone's a magical being now?
    No, they will not be kept intially. However, when you list all of your characters canon abilities, those will be potential abilities, or rather, "items" that can be bought by any other character... as long as they have the candy for it! For example, let's take Yukari from Persona. If you list "media", it's possible that someone like Naegi Makoto can see that spell on the list of items for the week, buy it, and actually be able to use it.

    Instead of abilities, due to their magical status, when they are transformed - and only when they in their transformed state (regardless if there's a physical change or not) - they will have heightened strength and agility, which allows them to jump really high and far. Their strength, transformed, is enough to smash a bolder into tiny pieces.

    When the character is not in their transformed state they will only have their mundane abilities and any physical items that they have received. They will not be able to cast any spells or abilities that exist outside of that.

So, will my character have a magical girl/boy/being form and name?
    There will be a completely optional section for that in the application! If your character is already a magical girl/boy/etc, feel free to use that design and name or come up with a new one. You're also free to ask for randomization in regards to this section or disregard it altogether. For those who disregard it, they will simply gain the abilities when they "transform". All characters will be going by their magical name and form for the magical phones as well in chibi form.

Okay, so my character's dead. What now?
    It's not the end of the world! Okay, well, you're dead, but that doesn't mean that you won't get to play. There will be a deadland community that your character will be able to access and communicate with other characters who might join them.

    Since this is based off of Magical Girl Raising Project, there is a potential for spoilers not only for the anime, but the light novels as well.

When will applications open? When will the game start?
    Applications will open on February 26th and will remain open until either we hit the maximum thirty slots or March 3rd hits. Applications will be processed by the weekend and game start will be on March 6th.

Will there be a Golden End?
    Not necessarily. The ending that you get is completely dependent on the players and how you do throughout the game. It is completely possible for things to not end on a positive note. But again, the choice is up to you and your characters!

Anything else?
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Welcome to Magical Girl Raising Project!

( IC FAQ )

What exactly is Magical Girl Raising Project?
    It's a mobile game where one out of ten thousand players get to become a real magical girl, pon! And you, lucky player, are one of the few that are chosen to become one, pon!

Okay, but who are you?
    My name is Fav, and I am the current messenger for Magical Girl Raising Project!

Magical girl? But what if I'm not a girl?
    Don't worry, pon! With the new update to the game, anybody can join, regardless and their appearance won't have to be changed a bit! The administration just simply thinks that it would be better to keep the original title, since "Magical Person Raising Project" sounds weird, don't you think?

What's this magic business about?
    You see, now that you've become a part of the project, you now have powers, pon. These powers are currently limited to having your physical abilities enhanced, due to the amount of mana it takes from Town A being really limited, pon! And because of that, any previous powers you might have had are completely gone! Now, as a magical entity, it's your duty to do good deeds and collect Magical Candies!

...Magical Candies?
    Yep, that's right, pon. These Magical Candies are both your ticket back home as well as your way to survival. You start off with 500 Magical Candies, so please make sure to not use them all up at the start! Once a week, you may use your Magical Candies to buy one of five special limited, one of a kind items. Of course, I will give priority to three people per week, depending on how well you do in the trials, pon! Candies can be earned by doing various tasks and good deeds!

What are these trials you talk about?
    At the end of the week, the Weekly Rankings go up! If nobody has been murdered by the end of the week, the person with the lowest amount of Magical Candies will lose their right to participate. But if someone is murdered, there will be a trial, pon. Try your best to find the culprit, pon!

How do trials work?
    Glad you asked, pon! During the trials, you are given a list of suspects and their alibis. The day before the trial, you will be given an investigation period, where you may use to find any clues to figure out who did it. You are then given two trial days as well as some suspects in order to figure things out! The person we choose to remove depends all on you, and everyone's majority vote. If you do not vote, you will also be eliminated, so please be careful, pon!

What happens if the person we vote for is innocent?
    That's too bad, isn't it? It's not the end of the world, though. You just eliminated an innocent person, pon. The true culprit in this case will be getting bonus candy, pon!

    ( OOC FAQ )

    So, what exactly is this game?
      Most of you have already guessed, but this is a murdergame loosely based on the mechanics of Magical Girl Raising Project. No former knowledge of the canon is necessary! We're aiming to have at least 20 characters around February/March if we can garner enough interest. Fandom-based and original characters will applicable; the only ones that will not be are real life characters.

    How is the magical candy mechanic going to work?
      All characters will start with 500 candies. On the first week, instead of giving priority to three characters, all items will be on a first come, first serve basis. Any week after that, three players will be PM'd being told that they have priority for the items that are available for sale. They are allowed to buy one item per week and each item has one use only, in order to make things fair. Items in the shop will vary, such as protection from being murdered for one week to a magical sword that can be used to kill another character. While all items and their abilities will be revealed to every player, the person who obtains them will remain a secret. It is also possible that character regains will be in the shop, so keep an eye out!

      Magical candies are earned by showing bonus activity as well as participating in trials. For each ten comment thread you turn in, you will get one bonus magical candy. If any character is close to hitting zero candies, they will be warned beforehand, because hitting zero does mean character death.

      Another thing that characters can do as they obtain candies is to transfer candies to another player. ICly, it can be done through stealing or giving candies to them either out of the goodwill of their heart or through a trade. In order to steal, the other character must be able to obtain the other character's magical phone.

      In order to steal candies, you must inform the mods beforehand, so we can contact the other player in regards to this manner.

    How will scheduling work?
      As of right now, it will be on a 1:1 day ratio, with incentives (which includes items, motives, magical candy bonuses and tasks) given on Monday. Murders will happen on Friday as well as the while Trials will occur on Saturdays and Sundays. Weekly Rankings will also go up on Saturdays, right before the beginning of the trial. This game is expected to probably last about 8 weeks minimum, give or take, depending on interest.

      Murderers and victims will also be chosen on Monday, prior to the motive, through RNG. All players get one free pass before rerolling.

    How will investigations work?
      Once two or more characters manage to find the dead body, investigation will begin. Characters are free to look around A Town for any clues that may possibly be relevant to the case.

    How will trials work?
      Like stated above, trials will take place on Saturdays and Sundays. Characters who are on the suspect list will be private messaged beforehand in order to prepare their alibis. There will also be both evidence and alibi top levels for characters to peruse. On Sunday, all votes must be cast and whoever gets the majority vote wins.

      Whoever gets the majority vote will then be publicly executed on video, innocent or otherwise. If the character is innocent, it will be mentioned. But the true murderer will not be revealed. Instead, they will be notified on how much bonus candy that they will be getting for escaping scot free.

    Can I apply for any Magical Girl Raising Project characters?
      As some of them may play a role in the game's plot, no.


    Anyway, this game is still in the works and isn't completed and if there's enough interest and possibly anyone else willing to help mod, I'd highly appreciate any input and ideas to help flesh things out a little more.

    If you're interested, feel free to fill out the following form:

    Name / Contact:
    Availability / Timezones:
    Preferred Starting Date: While I am thinking no earlier than late February or March, feel free to let me know what would work best for you.
    Questions / Feedback: Please feel free to let me know if there's anything you would like me to clarify or expand on.
    Modding?: Feel free to let me know if you would be willing to help out and mod! I'm currently the only mod running this game as of right now and I would appreciate at least one or two more full time mods who can be available during trials. I am also willing to accept part time mods to consult or create graphics.


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