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Name:Raising Project Mods!
Birthdate:Jan 1

Magical Girl Raising Project!
A popular social mobile game has spread throughout various worlds called Magical Girl Raising Project; a game that allows many of its players to play as a magical being, girl, boy, or anything that you'd like to become beyond your wildest dreams! And you, dear player, have been given the one in ten thousand chance to become a real one. But wait, do you say you already have magical abilities? Well, those don't matter anymore, since those types of things drain mana out of the world's poor ecosystem, and we wouldn't want this poor world to die, do we?

But don't worry, you can get back everything you want and more! For a price of just a teeny amount of candy.

We welcome you, however, to the wonderful world of dream and magic: one where good deeds will grant you magical candy and meeting brand new friends! There's possibly no way anything can go wrong, right?

    Magical Girl Raising Project is a short term, limited playerbase murder mystery game based off the light novels/anime of the same name.

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