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How To
Need a way to earn more candy without having to kill someone immediately? Well, that's what this is for! There are two different types of tasks: repeatable tasks and non-repeatables. Repeatable tasks can be done once every two weeks, for 100 candies each. Non-repeatable tasks can be done once per character, with a limit of 2 tasks per character.

Non-repeatable tasks will be updated on a weekly basis.

If you're ready to take on a task, leave a comment under the appropriate week toplevel with the following:

☆ Dealing with Fav!
Please try to make friends with Fav by talking to him. Don't worry, he won't bite..
100 candies

☆ Helping the Elderly
Sometimes, it's a bit of trouble trying to help those who have gotten old cross the street or go up the stairs. It's up to you to help them out!
100 candies

☆ Animal Rescue
Sometimes, there are cats stuck on trees, dogs in a middle of a house burning down. Please help these animals out!
100 candies

☆ Clean up, clean up
Whether it's the trash out there or the apartment buildings and hotel, there's a lot of mess to get rid of. Make sure you put them all in the proper bins, however, or else you might not even get the candy for this one!
100 candies

☆ Let them grow
There has to be some place where I can plant some flowers and trees... can you help me out here?
100 candies

☆ Starving for food
Sometimes there are people around who just don't have food. Can you make something for them to eat?
100 candies

☆ Corpse Hunting Fetch Quest
Bones can be found in a lot of the apartment buildings, or at least that's what the rumors say. I need these bones in order to concoct something important in my cauldron so I'd highly appreciate the help!
100 candies

Could you please bring some pie for Fav to judge? I know that the ingredients should be out there, so all you have to do is find a way to bake it... Hm, maybe try the apartment buildings? They have some working ovens in there. In any case, if you make a good pie for him, I'll give you some candy. If he hates it, however, I'll deduct the same one hundred candy that you would have earned. It's not nice to make Fav sick, after all. :(
100 candies

☆ Koi Fishing
Sometimes, you'll find various types of fish in the river, but I'd like for you to catch me some koi fish. Ah, but there aren't any poles, so you'll have to use your hands...
400 candies

☆ Bring Me to the Movies!
I'm in love with watching bad movies. Can you find me the perfect one and watch it with me, all the way through? And make sure not to fall asleep, or else you won't get your candy.
250 candy

☆ Gamer's Choice
There sure are a whole lot of games here! But I bet you can't beat me, the Top Gamer of Town A!! I'm unstoppable...! But I don't have any friends to play with, so I challenge you to a battle. Any game, at the arcade.
300 candies

☆ The 7 Mysteries of Town A Middle School
Don't you know the rumors of the seven wonders? Well, this school has it too, you know! But can you find them, is the question?
100 candy per mystery found

☆ I'm Your Biggest Fan!
Magical boys and girls: I'm a huge fan of all of you! I've collected all of your merch and collectables and I want to see the real deal. Oh, but don't fool me if you're a fake. I'll be testing you to see if you're the Real Deal.
200 candies

☆ Senpai, Notice Me!
I'm only in middle school and a lot of you guys are older than me so... can you please notice me? Just give me some compliments when you see me... Ah, but don't lie about them. Otherwise you won't get the candy.
300 candies

☆ I Wanna Be The Very Best
...like no one ever was, but that's not the point. The point is that if I'm gonna strive, pick up the drive and be a master, I gotta win at all of these competitions! So I challenge you to a battle! A race around the track!
250 candies

☆ Ticket Hoard
I'm sooooo bad at these games. But I need tickets, quick! I'll give you candy for it!
350 candies

☆ Cards Against Humanity
You know the rules. Let's play.
666 candies

☆ Food Eating Contest
I was last year's champ. Can you beat me?
350 candies


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